Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shedding Light on Your Passions

Lately I am finding that my genealogy interests are running to the creative type of thing.  Besides genealogy, I really enjoy crafting and miss it when I can't find the time. 

I thought I'd share these beautiful switchplates with you.  I did not create these, but have done others that are in my home.  These were created by my friend Ann, of the Harford County Public Library Genealogy Discussion Group.  Ann is quite a multi-talented crafter: paper crafts like these, jewelry, cards, scrapbooking, she does it all, and very well. 

At our group's Christmas party, she offered as door prizes very plain wall switchplates that she had decorated beautifully with genealogy-themed scrapbooking paper.  Can I tell you, I was thrilled to be the very lucky recipient of these items.  Here they are before I hung them in the hallway.  Let me tell you, they dress up the place!

A project like this is easy enough to do.  You could even make copies of photos and use those.  Just make sure that the light toggle comes through in an acceptable place in the photo. 

You've just got to love YouTube, it's got just about everything! 
Here's an easy demo: How to decoupage a light switchplate

Have fun, and please send me photos of your results!



  1. Oh, fun, fun, fun. What a great idea. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. Those are beautiful, Jenny! How fortunate that you were the one to win. I love genealogy, but my love doesn't extend to such crafty talents, unfortunately. You are so blessed to be able to do projects like these!

  3. Those are beautiful. I'm not a crafter but certainly enjoy the creativity of others.