Sunday, January 15, 2012

Heart-Shaped Photo Collage: My Genea-Creation

Yesterday I completed part of my January goals, but more about that in another post.

So, to reward myself for all the hard work, I have been catching up on three days of Google Reader posts.  And I came across Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genea-Fun.  Randy suggests and directs folks to as a great place for fun creations.  Reading his post reminded me of a gift that hubby created for me "from the cat" (yes, we are those type of people) using Shape Collage software. 

Click to enlarge image.
That's my mom on the left, next to the red Polish coat of arms.
Below the coat of arms she's wearing pink, with her arm around my niece.

Shape Collage software offers a free download to automatically create a collage of selected pictures in a variety of shapes.  I used a heart shape, and pictures from my childhood and all of my relatives.  

Thinking I'd do a blog post on this, I completed my photo collage, then clicked on the "About" page and let out a chuckle.  Vincent Cheung, who designed the software, did so in an effort to corral his thousands of photos.  Must have a drop of the genealogist in him!

I'm really behind the tech-times, so some of this language is lost on me, but the website says that:
Shape Collage is the only collage maker that:
optimally arranges photos
creates collages in different shapes
can handle thousands of photos
generates super high-resolution images (up to 200 megapixels)
makes collages in just seconds
exports to Photoshop PSD file format

I've used this software to create little collages like the one above and have been able to print them with a small watermark, for my own use.  For something really nice to include in a photo book or other gift, you can purchase the Shape Collage software for $40. This will allow you to print or download endless collages yourself, without the watermark. 

Give Shape Collage a try.  It's lots of fun and makes a great gift.