Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Home on Leave, But Not for Long

"Anj and the Kids"

This photo just came into my possession.  Mom found it in the house, among my Dad's papers and other things.  That's my Dad in the middle.

Mom said she remembers this day "like it was yesterday."  It was the last day of Uncle Joe's leave (he's second from left), and this was taken outside my grandmother's house, where they all grew up, just moments before my dad took his brother to the airport.   

From left to right:

Frank Walter Szymanski, known to us as Uncle Buddy
Joseph Szymanski, in his Navy whites
Agnes Szymanski Stanley
Edward John Szymanski, my dad
Grandma Angeline Szymanski, immigrated from Poland into Baltimore at age 3
Jerome Szymanski
Helen Szymanski Lay

As I studied this photo, I determine that it's probably from the early 1950s;  that's around the time that my Uncle Joe served in the US Navy.  It stuns me to look at my grandma and realize in this photo, she is about the age I am now, mid-50s.  Such a very different life! 

What a great group they all were and are!  Hard working, loyal to family, always laughing at life.  As a kid we don't think of these things, but I surely do realize now what a treasure it was to grow up surrounded by so much love.


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