Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Stephanie, Happy 30th Birthday!

Today my dear niece and goddaughter, Stephanie Clare, turns 30! 

I can hardly believe it, those years have flown by so quickly!  Although Stephanie is a lovely young woman, all grown up and self-supporting, I still occasionally think of her as a little girl.

As an only child, Stephanie's childhood is well-documented with lots of great photos.  But here are two of my favorite, very impromptu and casual photos of her; my guess is she has never seen these. 

The first one was taken when Stephanie, her mom and dad (my sister, Sharon and brother-in-law, Ed) and I were all on vacation together in Florida. 

At the breakfast table.
DisneyWorld, late 1980s.

The next photo was taken in the car on the way to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.  We were going for a day of fun in the chocolate-themed park.  Stephanie had just learned to blow a bubble! 

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Hope your day is SUPER-KRELL!!!

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  1. Thanks Aunt Jenny- this is very sweet and I love the photos!