Monday, March 19, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Thomas

St. Dogmael's Cemetery
Dyfed (Pembroke), Wales 


The memory of

Timothy Thomas
Late of the Bridge-end Foundry Cardigan
Who Died February 20, 1898
Aged 69 Years

Also, of the children of the said
Timothy Thomas and Anna his wife

Who Died Sept. 9, 1869, Aged 9 Months

Who Died August 27, 1877, Aged 1 Day

Who Died February 25, 1881, Aged 1 Day

Who Died Sept. 19, 1893, Aged 26 Years

Who was lost at sea off Madeira Island
November 30, 1896, Aged 21 Years

Also, of
David Thomas,
Brother of the said Timothy Thomas
Who died December 1885, Aged 64 years

Also of Anna Thomas,
Wife of the _____ (said?) Timothy Thomas,
She passed...Newport Mon

This photo was among the many that my in-laws have collected over the years.  We don't know who it is, and there are no family members that we know of with the surname Thomas.  

Neither of my in-laws know of anyone in St. Dogmael's Cemetery in the county of Dyfed, formerly known as Pembrokeshire.  They also cannot remember taking the photo or seeing this headstone.  So, this interesting stone remains a mystery to us.  The last two lines, which might provide some clues, are unclear; I've included what we can decipher above. 

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  1. Priscilla Evans Thomas, daughter of Timothy Thomas, married John Owen Jones (son of Morgan Jones of Carmarthen). Perhaps your in laws are related through that line.