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Hits of My Lifetime! - SNGF

Randy Seaver has a musical idea for his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  He asks: 

Remember these 8-track players?
I had one just like this, even the same color!
Image Courtesy of Google Images.

1) What was the #1 song on the day you were born? Or on your birthday when you were 18? Or when you married? Or some other important date in your life.
2) Go to and enter the date and select from UK, US or Australia record lists. Note: the first date available is 1 January 1946.
Alternatively, go to and enter the month and date and see a list of songs for each year since 1940.

I used the second site,, and got these fun results!

My birth day, October 26, 1957:
Jailhouse Rock/Treat Me Nice, by Elvis Presley

18th birthday, 1975 -- Island Girl by Elton John
Why, I was listening to this just the other day!  Have always been a huge fan of EJ.  Have every album, been to several of his concerts.  I remember this day so well!  I had graduated high school in June and was working as a legal secretary.  Every day, I carpooled downtown with my high school friend.  After work, when she swung by to drop me off, she pulled in and parked.  I was a bit confused but thought not too much of it.  We got in the house and my mom had planned a small party of some of my high school girlfriends.  It was such a surprise and so much fun!

1982, the year I turned 25 and moved into my first apartment!
Who Can It Be Now? by Men at Work

March 13, 1990
Escapade, by Janet Jackson -- All I can say is "HUH?"  Don't know this song.
This was a sad day in my life; my father died on this date.  Obviously, an event like this changes a person.  Did not know my husband at the time, we met about a year later.  Not long after we met, hubby (then just a friend, not a boyfriend), once told me that I view the world two ways: "before my father died" and "after my father died." I don't recall my exact reply, but it must have been fierce, because he's never said that again in almost 17 years of marriage! 

September 1991; this was the month/year I bought my first home, a co-op apartment. 
Song is Good Vibrations by Marky Mark &the Funky Bunch with Loleatta.  But I have to say, my older siblings played lots of music, and to me, Good Vibrations is The Beach Boys!

My birthday one month later..."Emotions" by Mariah Carey.  Huh???  Is this that song that the Bee Gees recorded?  I have never been a fan of Mariah Carey's type of "music."  If it's not the Bee Gees song, I can't recall this song at all!!!

June 2, 1995--married my love! 
Song is Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? by Bryan Adams
That title sounds like it would be a nice #1 song for a wedding day, don't you think?  Even though I don't know the song!  Our first (and only) wedding dance was to "As Time Goes By" by, yes, Jimmy Durante.

Jenny turns The Big 5-0, October 26, 2007
The song is Crank That (Soulja Boy), by Soulja Boy Tell'em.  Talk about HUH????

I always knew I was out of touch with the music world lately, but I didn't realize just how much!  Obviously, somewhere along the line, I simply stopped listening to music on the radio. 

As for the Number One song on my birthday, the last song and artist I recognize, with just one exception, is 1988's "Groovy Kind of Love" by Phil Collins.  The exception is the Elton John's 1997 hit "Something About the Way You Look Tonight/Candle in the Wind 1997," his Marilyn Monroe tribute, rewritten for the late Princess Diana.

Oh, I still listen to a lot of music, but it's music of my choice.  My tastes are kind of stuck in the 1970s (my high school years) and the 1980s (first tastes of freedom).  I find that I basically stick with those artists and have followed their careers.  People like Paul Simon, James Taylor, Elton John.  And my parents loved show tunes, so all five of the kids do, too!  Then of course, there's Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and all those guys; I play them every weekend, my poor hubby! 

Well, thanks, Randy, this was a lot of fun!  If I had more time, I'd go to the basement and see how many of those number one songs are on all the albums collecting dust down there!

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