Wednesday, February 8, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Snuggle Time!


My sisters Diane and Sharon look fresh from the bath and all ready for a bedtime story here.  This photo is around 1953.  My parents had just moved into this newly-built home in the County from an apartment in the city.  It was an exciting time for the young family.

My parents paid $9,000 for the one-storey, two bedroom home.  My mom says she remembers thinking "How will we ever pay off this mortgage?"  Over the years, they not only paid off the mortgage, my dad dug out and finished a basement and added another storey to the house, which created two more bedrooms for their expanding family.  Mom is still there.  I'd say they got their money's worth!


  1. I remember my parents' first home's asking price was $8,000 at about the same time as your folks bought their home. Incredible. You can't even get a decent car for that price, now. But everything is in balance. Their annual salaries weren't that hot, either!

    1. That's for sure. We have one of my dad's hiring letters and he was making 50 cents an hour. This was before he was married and his mom was so happy--that was very good money! How did they ever do it???

  2. What a fun picture. I love the old footie pj's.