Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abundant Genealogy - Darlington Cemetery

Main Gate at Darlington Cemetery
Harford County, MD

This week's Abundant Genealogy topic is Cemeteries.  Like many family historians, I too, have had emotional experiences in cemetery after cemetery.  Everything from standing in the rain crying, to hugging a kind (and quite surprised) funeral director who guided me during a lull in the day, to wandering and wondering only to leave "empty-handed."  On occasion, seredipity prevails and I immediately find the stone I seek.  Or even better, I find an important connection on a stone I did not seek!

One of my most pleasant, emotional and eye-opening cemetery visits was to little Darlington Cemetery.  Situated on the top of a hill in Harford County, MD, the cemetery was founded and incorporated by the wealthy of the area in 1882. 

The new part of the cemetery is still active today.  I was there back in the fall, on a crisp, sunny day, and there were many visitors.  One dear woman rode through on her scooter, her adult grandson by her side.  They realized I was not a familiar face and spoke to me, and before long, I knew a lot about "the other side" of my Jordan and Jourdan ancestors, who hail from this small farming community.  This blog post explains much more about that day, and why Darlington Cemetery is so dear to my heart.

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