Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Generations

Great-grandmother Agnieska (Landowska) Gostomski
Born: 1874 (Polonia)
Died: 4 October 1942 (Baltimore, MD)
This is the only positively known photo of her. 
I have another photo that I suspect may be her, many years younger.

The little sailor is my uncle and god-father.
Frank Walter Szymanski
Born: 27 December 1919  (would have just turned 93)
Died: 3 January 1972  (40 years ago yesterday).

The little boy on Agnieska's lap is my dear old Dad, how I miss him.
Edward John Szymanski
Born: 14 September 1921
Died: 13 March 1990.

It's the strangest thing, to look in the face of this toddler,
and see the searching blue eyes, slightly smiling mouth, and wavy hair of the man I knew and loved as my Dad.  And I think he would love this genea-journey!

Special thanks to Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe, who sent this photo over the holidays!

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