Sunday, December 4, 2011

Who's That Cutie?

Our Genealogy Discussion Group held its annual holiday party this past week.  What fun!  I don't have to tell you that genealogists, whether professionals, long-time hobbyists, or total newbies, are a great bunch of people.  So you can imagine that 30 or more of this group in holiday mode is just a blast. 

In addition to a lovely spread of food, we played a fantastic game that we called Whose That Cutie?  The "cuties" were photos of all the members in our younger days, from age ten and down.  The photos covered the full age range. 

The photos included this one of me, obviously unhappy that my snack time has been interrupted for a photo shoot.  I'm a bit over a year old here.  I think this was the youngest child in the collection of photos.  And I guess I don't look too much like this anymore, so it did stump a few folks, which is a good thing. 

One of the photos was of a boy, about four years old, in a Naval officer suit.  Adorable.  Some of young girls on satin pillows, with blond hair and blue eyes.  Precious.  There were several First Holy Communion photos, lots of school photos and a few around the Christmas tree.  Looking at old family photos is fun, no matter whose photos they are.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy the game, studying who has blue eyes, or a dimple, or looking at the outfits and hair styles and trying to put it all together.

Almost 30 people submitted photos in the contest.  The winner had nine correct guesses! 

Our group is not only fun, they're generous, too.  Many donated door prizes, so that no one went home empty-handed.  We're so fortunate to know such a great group of people!

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  1. While the group studied the pictures, someone yelled out, "Who has the dimple?" I couldn't smile until they read the answers. It was a fun evening and I look forward to our Christmas party each year.