Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Oliver Perry Jordan

Oliver Perry Jordan
Born 1 March 1846
Died 7 July 1925
Aged 79 years, 4 months, 6 days

Unusual looking tombstone, wouldn't you say?

This tree kind of marks the otherwise unmarked grave of my great-great-grandfather, Oliver Perry Jordan, in Parkwood Cemetery, Baltimore.  The tree just happens to be there, it wasn't specially planted to mark his grave, at least not that I have been able to ascertain.  It would be a nice gesture, though.

In April 2011, with the help of a Parkwood Cemetery employee, I was able to find this tiny Jordan plot, where two others are also buried.  I'm still working on information for them.

This same employee taught me to how to read a cemetery map, and directed me to the marker for Anne C. Magill, Oliver's nearest neighbor with a grave marker.  It was the three-digit number in the lower left corner on her grave marker that enabled us to determine that the large, unmarked area directly in front of the tall tree must be the three Jordan family members. 

Anne C. Magill
Born 30 October 1903
Died 6 June 1985

I'm 99% certain that the Jordans and the Magills did not know one another during their lifetimes.  Yet, as is said, you cannot replace the helping hand of a good neighbor.  Thank you, Anne, for being a good neighbor to Oliver and guiding me to him. 

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