Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Penning

This stone is in Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore.


George M[artin]
b.  January 3, 1885
d.  February 20, 1967

Ada [Forrest]
b.  July 1884
d. 1967

Ada Forrest Penning is my great-aunt, though I never knew her.  The sister of my maternal grandfather, my mother remembers her as a kind and generous person.  Mom remembers that as a child, she thought Aunt Ada must must have been rich, because she had a beautiful home in Charles Village.  The Village, as it's known by today's residents, is a neighborhood of large brick row houses with wide front porches.  The neighborhood surrounds the beautiful Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University
Aunt Ada was the oldest child, only daughter, and the glue that kept her three brothers close as their parents aged and eventually passed.  She was the last sibling to die, as well, at least as far as I can tell in my research to date.  Each of her brothers named a daughter in her honor.  

Unfortunately, Aunt Ada's stone has toppled from its base.  Can anyone tell me, what is the procedure for resetting?  Is it the responsibility of the family or of the cemetery to repair it?  Or is a new stone necessary?  Can the family fix the original, or does the cemetery not allow this?

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