Friday, November 4, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Lucy Emma Jordan

This is the funeral card of my great-grandmother, Lucy Emma Jordan, lovingly known by family and neighbors alike as Ma Jordie.  Ma Jordie died when I was just over 5 years old, my first experience with death.  My journey into family history only began this year, so if I ever saw this card, I do not recall it.    

Though worn with age, this card is still quite beautiful.  It's made of soft, cream-colored paper, the "Perpetual Service" clock image on the front is embossed with what looks like gold leaf; the trees are embossed a deep green.  So different from the funeral cards seen at services on the Catholic side of the family.  And certainly more decorative than those we see now.  For me, it's very peaceful to read this card.  Ma Jordie had an extremely difficult life; this poem reassures me that she received a reward in her afterlife.   

The Beyond

It seemeth such a little way to me
Across to that strange country,
The Beyond;
And yet, not strange, for it has
Grown to be
The home of those of whom I am so fond.

And so for me there is no Death;
It is but crossing, with abated breath,
A little strip of sea,
To find one’s loved ones waiting
on the shore,
More beautiful, more precious
than before.

                        Ella Wheeler Wilcox


In Loving Memory of

Died January 22, 1963
[Aged 80 years, 19 days]

Services From

Wm. Cook-Blight, Inc.
Funeral Home
6009 Harford Road

Saturday, January 26, 1963
10 a.m.

Clergyman Officiating
Rev. Carl W. Molter

Parkwood Cemetery


In behalf of the family, we wish to express their gratitude for your many kindnesses evidenced in thought and deed, and for your attendance at the memorial service.

Wm. Cook
Funeral Mansion
St. Paul at Preston Street

Other Convenient Locations

Wm. Cook-Towson, Inc.                                                     Wm. Cook-Blight, Inc.
1050 York Road                                                                6009 Harford Road

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