Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brother!

You may recognize this adorable threesome from the photo at upper right “My Immediate Family…”  Let me introduce you to my sisters Diane and Sharon, and my brother Eddie.  (My brother, Mike, younger than Ed, is not in the photo.  He was probably in the crib at the time!)  Today is Eddie's birthday.

I’m not quite sure when this photo was taken, but Mom tells me Eddie received the Indian suit as a birthday gift from his godparents, my father’s Uncle Frank (his mom’s brother) and Frank’s wife, Aunt Charlotte.  Mom commented that Eddie “loved that Indian suit.  He put it on and wore it until it fell apart!”   Judging by the state of this little Indian’s clothing, I think the suit was nearing the end of its life, so I am estimating 1956 or 1957 as the year of this photo.

There’s something special about my brother Eddie, as there is about all of my siblings.  But while my other siblings and I all live relatively close to one another (no pun intended there, honestly!) Eddie lives half-way across the country from us, deep in the heart of Dallas.  This causes sadness for all of us. 

But the really special thing about Ed is that talking with him on the phone, which I don’t get to do as much as I’d like, is just like having him in the room—his personality is so big and full of life that when his voice comes over the wire, it is just as full humor, wisdom, love, opinions, sensitivity, curiosity and joy as if he were sitting right next to me.  The only thing missing is the hug.  

Brother of mine, Happy Birthday.  I send you love, and I send you hugs.  I only wish we were together so I could deliver them in person. XXXXX 

Photo dated January 1979.

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